what is uplighting?

Uplighting is simply when lights are placed, usually on the ground, to shine light up at objects, walls, columns or architectural features, topiary, drapery, or anything else that needs illuminating.  If you can dream it, we can probably uplight it!

Why use uplighting?

Uplighting has become an increasingly popular way to decorate wedding venues and reception spaces.  It is one of the most versatile and cost efficient way to highlight and transform a room, and helps to express the theme and personality of the wedding, and the couple.  You could use a soft white or gold for a romantic feel, or add a lively touch with some color!       

Incandescent vs. LED

It's true, incandescent uplights look pretty great in pictures, but you can't beat the safety benefits and practicality of LED uplights.  One of the great things about LED's is that they don't heat up like Incandescents do, which can be a big deal for kids who like to play around the lights, or adults who might lean up agains them without thinking.  In addition to that, the LED's ability to come in a wireless form allows them to be placed anywhere without becoming a tripping hazard for your guests.  LED's also have the ability to change color as the feel of the night changes, or pulse to the music.   

   Let nyc wedding show you how great uplighting can be!